For over 30 years the “&” has been part of our name. It shapes our identity, our thinking and behaviour. Liebich & Partner combines a team of employees and experienced consultants into a convincing Company. We come from different sectors. This allows us to offer a wide range of consulting services which, if necessary, we can combine uniquely and according to clients’ needs.

You’ll find added value in the “&”. And the “we” principle, embodied in our work with you: We see you as a partner who we communicate with on the same level. Together with you, we develop solutions that comprise both concept and its implementation. Depending on the project you benefit from both our expertise and that of our network partners. In terms of the “&” we are actively pursuing professional networking and as opposed to slack partnerships we are setting up tighter collaboration models with external experts. Networks which you can also benefit from via our forum. Whoever wants to be a part of this can. We are the “& Company”.

Liebich & Partner has been serving corporations and organizations for more than 30 years, with great success. In our “& Company” consultants have come together, all of them characterized by professional competence, long-term experience and character.

What connects us is the belief in representing our own standpoints, which are not always easy, but always well-founded. In our thinking we are independent of corporate power structures and specific schools of thought and methods. We see ourselves as a project factory, our work is not governed by textbook diagrams, but by the real company and its environment. Off-the-shelf consulting is not enough for us.