International · 19. April 2023

Those who aren’t seen, aren’t remembered”: Image-building in the midst of job market competition

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April 2023 – In the day-to-day activities of the corporate environment, many professionals work hard to deliver results, but only few really stand out. The professional world is competitive. It is a challenge for people who want to gain relevance within their organizations but, at the same time, do it in an ethical way. We aren’t surprised when great leaders reach the top of their organizations. On the way there it required a lot of effort, a lot of dedication, a lot of studies and numerous qualifications. Maybe they even had to sacrifice rest and relaxation, or spending time with friends and family, in order to get where they did.

In my opinion, professionals without adequate and consistent career planning will be at the mercy of whatever happens, or doesn’t. If people want to take control of their personal and professional lives, they need to be protagonists, to understand where they want to go, and what needs to be done to get there.

A good way to start identifying which path to take is to ask yourself some pertinent questions. These could include “Which expressions would my previous supervisors, peers or leaders would use to define me? What impressions did I leave upon interactions with colleagues, friends and relatives?” Assessing all this will ultimately contribute to what you want to accomplish professionally.

For many professionals it’s essential to gain prominence and appreciation at work, especially by meeting goals and by the way they interact with other colleagues. Even those who don’t have major professional challenges, or aren’t aiming for top careers, can benefit hugely from being recognized for what they do. Receiving a compliment or positive feedback from our superior always makes us more satisfied!

Fact is: No matter how technologically advanced a corporation is, it’s through its professionals that the company achieves results. However, the adage “those who aren’t seen, aren’t remembered” is unfailingly wise, in the same way that “there’s no point in just being, you have to be seen” is. Both phrases, used by many, are not always actually put into practice.

To sum up, it’s always purposeful to work on marketing yourself, with content and relevance. Remember to frequently, but not too frequently, tally up your accomplishments. If you don’t give visibility to what you do, who will do it for you? Creating your image, coherently, is entirely your responsibility, that being, of course, if you are the kind of person who aspires to reach new and high levels in their professional life. Have you asked yourself just how concerned you are about standing out amongst other contributors? It’s worth doing!

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Written by David Braga, Prime Talent Executive Search – Agilium Worldwide’s member firm in Brazil.

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