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Netherlands: Leadership Development Driven By Purpose

Employer Branding Foto: Findings from a recent survey conducted by Agilium Worldwide.

SDH Impact Leadership Delivered, founded in 2013 as an Executive Search agency, has achieved a remarkable number of successful placements in a wide range of sectors. During the past two years Anja Spaans and Frans Haarmans, the partners of SDH, have broadened and deepened the services they offer with the aim of making sure that, not only are the leaders they find placements for a match in terms of job profile, but primarily in terms of being able to cope with the challenges that businesses face in today’s rapidly-changing world.

SDH has opted to embrace the Humanity Centered Leadership (HCL) model so that each placement focuses on a match between business and leader based on personal and entrepreneurial purpose. In this way, SDH supports a leadership development process which is focused on the well-being of the employees, the organization, society and the planet. The HCL model reveals the dominant phase of consciousness that the leader uses to shape his1 leadership. It also shows how much resilience a leader has and how much of a chance there is that his leadership will be driven by dysfunctional patterns of behavior (archetypes).

Developments in the world around us

Society is in a constant state of flux. Not just in the past few decades. This has been going on for as long as people have walked the earth, and the leader of an organization develops too. Both as an individual and as a leader.

His current life phase, together with the experience he gains and the standards society expects from him as a leader, all contribute to this. Society changes his perspective, while his connectedness and interaction with society bring about a change in him. Like no other, a successful leader can allow his natural drive to develop more in sync with developments in society. This natural, evolutionary drive develops in three phases:

  1. The phase in which you shape your own basic needs.
  2. The realization that society’s expectations go beyond shaping your personal needs.
  3. Seeing yourself as an integral part of a larger whole. In this last phase, you realize that your choices and behavior have a direct impact on this larger whole and vice-versa.

A Humanity Centered Leader is aware and conscious of the phase in which he currently finds himself, of what society expects from him, and in which way his development potential needs to be adjusted.

Background to the Humanity Centered Leadership model

As leaders, we realize that the decisions we make have an impact on the welfare of our employees, organization, society and the planet. Good coaching, reflection and useful tools are key in managing the necessary change.

SDH helps leaders feel a deep sense of meaning by ‘energizing the wisdom of the mind’. Such an experience will provide a framework for the desired change in thought and actions to bring about a greater impact on future sustainability. The moral development of the self determines the decision-making qualities of the leader.

A leader who undergoes such development will accelerate the development of his organization and, as a result, move onto a new S-curve2. A leader who fails to undergo this development due to existential anxiety will ultimately defer the development of his organization and, in so doing, reach the end of the S-curve.

Humanity Centred Leadership Assessments

DH uses the HCL assessment3 to get an insight into the link between the context of an organization and the ideal leadership profile that goes with this. Considering the various factors in context is, after all, decisive in relation to the type of leadership needed for a sustainable impact on business performance, society and the environment.

The HCL assessment consists of two sub-reports. The 5ees report measures the phases of consciousness, and the Resilience Mastery Method (RMM) report measures the level of resilience. By analyzing the assessment, together with an SDH Executive Coach, the leader can get an insight into the relevance of his leadership in relation to the context of his management. The aim of this may be to decide to further develop his set of values as a leader and boost his resilience.

Leadership Development

By embracing the HCL model SDH is expanding its services so that it can offer Leadership Development in a wider sense. In addition to Executive Coaching and HCL Assessments, SDH now also offers Sustainable Onboarding and Team Analyses. All this is performed from the perspective that a leader and the organization both operate in relation to their complex environment, and can only achieve the sustainable development that matches that environment with inner conviction and resilience.

SDH supports its clients in their personal development in a way that is sustainable by, for example, conducting webinars that highlight the personal six-step leadership journey (The Hero’s Journey) and organizing podcasts with engaging leaders who talk about their work, their personal development, and how they realized that their purpose had a crucial effect on their organization and the environment.

From September onwards, SDH is giving its clients access to a community in which the webinars, podcasts and other relevant information on the topic of leadership development is available. Here, clients will be able to reflect personally, under the guidance of SDH Executive Coaches, and with each other on particular topics, on personal issues or about theoretical points of view. SDH is not only addressing existing senior executives, but also their potential peers, and making a contribution to the deepening and broadening of purposeful leadership within organizations. SDH Impact Leadership Delivered is looking to the future and taking responsibility for focusing both internally and externally on sustainable development for employees, organization, society and the planet.

Agilium Worldwide

Dr. Matthias Rode is the Regional Director EMEA of AGILIUM Worldwide and your main contact in Germany: For any questions please contact him directly.

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